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Introducing your new Perth-based business - Wine and Dandy!

Originally from the bustling city of Sydney, Laura found a passion and specialises in the wine industry - with a focus on wine reviews, labels, wine tasting descriptions, websites, and much much more!

But, her expertise doesn’t stop there... Laura has a passion and a knack for sourcing unique venues and creating events that really WOW your guests! And what could be more unique than each beautiful winery in WA with its own originality and personality, and a unique history to top it off?

Laura finds what makes a venue unique, and uses that to turn it into something magical. Not your ordinary event coordinator, Laura’s main focus is on corporate events, fundraisers, and speciality winery based events that really draw people into the industry and make it sparkle.

A business with a sole purpose to support your business in every way.

Laura makes the journey to finding beautifully unique and personable copywriting and spectacular events a seamless one. 

So, with that in mind, please say hi and introduce yourself! Want to meet over a coffee? Or even better, a glass of local wine? I'm there!

We look forward to meeting and working with you in the future! 


Laura's background is in floristry, events, and business - having earned a Certificate IV in Floristry and in Business, and various certifications in creative writing and copywriting. Laura is also recently the published author of Life Among the Wildflowers.

Her motto is to always learn and better herself, so Laura is constantly engaging in short courses and certifications that will help her to develop her business, and yours. 

Laura is currently engaging in short courses related to wine tasting and making.

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